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ENLIGHTENED MAGIC details two magic systems for Basic RolePlaying — Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy. Fully compatible with Basic RolePlaying, these systems are a departure from the magic typically presented in role-playing games, which was inspired by magic as depicted in fantasy novels, films, and comic books.

Enlightened Sorcery reflects traditions found in older myths and legends, and in the beliefs of generations of scholars, mystics, and eccentrics who study the occult. Enlightened Alchemy describes and models a type of magic that resembles that described and practiced in the Western occult tradition and portrayed in various myths and legends from Europe and the Middle East. Enlightened magicians perform carefully-planned rituals to cause heart attacks in distant enemies, to cloud the information discovered by those who seek to find the magician, or to affect the world in subtle and marvelous ways.

This book provides all rules necessary to add Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy to Basic RolePlaying, and suggests settings in which this magic could be useful and exciting.

  • Chapter One: a discussion of enlightened magic, information about increasing the power of these magic systems and how best to use these systems in play.
  • Chapter Two: rules for enlightened sorcery, a large grimoire of sorcery spells and examples of sorcery being used in play.
  • Chapter Three: rules for enlightened alchemy, a list of alchemical procedures, and examples of alchemy used in play.

By John Snead. Cover illustration by Matt Zeilinger. A perfect-bound 8.5x11" book. 104 pages.



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