The Star on the Shore

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A bizarre statue found in an old, unearthed chapel has vanished. What are the true aims of the shadowy organization desperate to find this nameless relic? Most importantly, what dark secret writhes at the heart of a small, picturesque town perched on the New England coast?

The Star on the Shore is an adventure for new players and veterans alike. It is an excellent introduction to the dark machinations of the Cthulhu Mythos in those placid parts of the world least able to cope with the cosmic horror of the Old Ones.

The Star on the Shore - Struggles Against Evil in 1920s New England is the first in a series of Call of Cthulhu Adventure modules produced by Dark Cult Games.

The Star on the Shore is a sandbox adventure in a small coastal town with over 30 NPCs to interact with. Some are helpful, some are oblivious and some are hiding in plain sight. A strange unexplained astronomical event, a stolen statue, a murder of crows, and a cryptic clue lead you and your fellow investigators to a quiet vacation town that is far more sinister and deadly than it appears.

The story is a blend of real history and fiction that gives the story a life of its own. The adventure is the result of two years of research, writing and play testing. The real history is fascinating and flows right into the mythos world with very few changes. The more you discover, the deeper you are drawn toward your own insanity.


90 pages plus maps, full color softcover


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