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As a game without a traditional "game master" role, everyone shares authorship over the story and its twists and turns as they learn the truth of the crime they've crafted together.

Whether you're a fan of dramatic procedurals, twisting conspiracy stories, or comedic underdog journeys it'll give you exactly what you're looking for.

Craft a mystery with your friends; tie facets of a crime together with hints of truth!

Guided Collaboration

In Justicar, players are working to uncover the truth of a mystery you've outlined together. You start by following steps to decide on your story's tone and create a crime web with a few plot holes together. During play, you roleplay in the courtroom and in flashbacks to establish facts and tell lies, to make the story and truth change together.

It's loose, but guided, and collaboration is constantly encouraged.

Player & Character roles

Each of the 4 roles in Justicar take on a unique perspective of the case. While every player has the shared goal of telling an interesting story, the characters have their own motives and ways to affect the truth.

  • The Judge is responsible for overseeing the trial. They prompt and hint the other players, nudging them to make interesting narrative decisions.
  • The Stand’s job is to play all the witnesses in the case, and they most directly affect “the truth” of the situation. They’re capable of not only lying, but also making a show of an intense outburst that reveals a new truth.
  • The Prosecution & The Defense are the attorneys at hand, and they’ll be taking turns asking every Witness questions to gain and shape information about the case.

Required for play:

✦ 4-6 of players, no GM
✦ Pens, notecards, sticky notes
✦ Tape, red string, scissors


Game design by Nevyn Holmes
Law consulting by Kevin Merritt
Editing by Will Jobst
Layout by Julie-Anne Muñoz
Character artwork by Sam Fisher
Cover art by Riotbones



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