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DEAD SCARE is a tabletop roleplaying game by women, about women and children killing zombies in McCarthy-era America. It's based on Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker, and combines subverted 1950s American idealism with a blood-spattered zombie apocalypse. 

It began when President Truman was the first public target of a Russian bio-weapon the Russkies designed to turn people into flesh-eating zombies. Everyone watched it on TV that night, and nothing in the good ol' US of A will be the same ever again.

How will you defend yourself when the shambling dead break down your white picket fence?

If your husband is a cop, there's a revolver in your nightstand. What do you do when your husband isn't a cop and your nightstand is empty?

Your ad man or professor husband sure provided for you before, but what are you going to do now that it's just you and the kids and something wants in?

There are weapons all around you, you just never thought about your household goods that way.

Your knitting needles are spears. 

Your kitchen knives are good for more than slicing chicken. Though you probably don't want zombie meat for your casserole or hotdish. 

Even that old vacuum can find new life as a zombie killing death dealer.

And the kids? They're not powerless either.

Junior's finally going to have a use for all that batting practice. 

Little Sally's jump rope can make a zombie snare. 

You're all in this together. 

Defend yourselves. 
Fight back. 
Don't give up. 




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