Traveller 5 RPG - Core Rules Slipcase

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This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone... 
Mayday, Mayday...We are under attack... 
Main drive is gone...Turret number one not responding... 
Mayday...Losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone... 
Please help...This is Free Trader Beowulf... 



The ultimate edition of the Traveller Science-Fiction Role-Playing Game. Three hardcover 250+ page books (all in a slipcase) Contains: Core Book 1 - Characters and Combat. Core Book 2 - Starships. Core Book 3 - Worlds and Adventures.

Traveller5 is the newest edition of the most popular and successful science-fiction role-playing settings of all time. Chronicling the high tech future of a star-spanning empire and thousands of worlds, species and cultures. Traveller is filled with challenges and adventure. With rules for character creation (including androids, genetic engineering, aliens and robots), combat, high technology, starships and more,

Traveller5 has everything players need to start playing in the universe of the far future.

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