Ancient Undead Spider Wizard

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Ancient Undead Spider Wizard is also a limited-run, 7" vinyl EP.  Each of the four instrumental pieces collected here inspired one of the four feature encounters that await explorers in the adventure.   

The dungeon's story features the eponymous Ancient Undead Spider Wizard, a powerful undead magic user asleep for time untold. Will the Player Characters' entrance upon the crypt wake the eldritch threat?  

The crypt itself features four magical treasures, each protected by a powerful Guardian.  Only by overcoming the Spider Wizard's Guardians can the PCs amass the power necessary to defeat the Ancient Undead Spider Wizard. 

Be wary! The Spider Wizard seeks to regain dominion over the crypt's hidden treasures and yearns for the power granted by wielding all four artifacts at once. 

The dungeon is written for use with The Black Hack 2nd Edition, but will adapt to your favorite TTRPG systems. The monsters are listed with reference to Hit Dice ("HD"), making the dungeon easily convertible to almost any system that uses HD with little prep. Even games that utilize more complex monsters will only require a quick "re-skin" making game-prep quick and easy. 

Ancient Undead Spider Wizard features a rollable table for random encounters in the crypt. Each random encounter is meant to challenge the boundaries of Player expectations and fuel imagination for the table at play.

What's more, the random encounter table stretches our musical accompaniment concept even further, as the encounters are all represented by their own tunes.

Ancient Undead Spider Wizard in limited run 7-inch vinyl. The dungeon crawl is featured on the record sleeve and the music is pressed into the vinyl record album.

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