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Shelter in Place is a live action game of zombie horror!

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were in a zombie movie? Shelter in Place is your way to find out. This is a game of zombie horror with a twist. It blends all the fun of a good old-fashioned game of tag, with the camp and action of a zombie horror film. Players take on the role of Zombies or Humans as they play out the events of a zombie apocalypse. Fans of live-action roleplaying games will love the built-in tension system, but Shelter in Place is excellent for a summer camp game, as a team-building exercise for a hip workplace, or even a lighthearted wedding reception. What’s the twist? Well, that’s the part that you decide.

Players of most ages can enjoy Shelter in Place. As long as at least one player can read a clock, and the rest can do basic addition and reading, you’ve got a zombie story ready to be played.

Have a party.
Get refreshments.
Turn up the music.
Eat some brains.


116 pages, softcover


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