Bulldogs - Red Star

Bulldogs - Red Star

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Hayersch. The Red Star. Home to a Saldrallan penal colony. Strange emanations from a solar flare struck the planet and granted strange powers to those exposed. Ever the pragmatists, the Saldrallan government wishes to turn these people into weapons. The top-secret program to create super-powered soldiers goes wrong in catastrophic and predictable ways, and now the Union is desperately trying to contain the damage. Those with the Red Power are rebelling against the government, and a secret task force is charged with bringing this threat to an end.

Written by Ryan Macklin [Mythender, Fate Core], Red Star adds some strange powers to the Bulldogs! galaxy, powers gained by the criminals held on a penal planet when a cosmic event occurs. Add these powers to your existing campaign or create an entire campaign focusing on the story of these characters, or the shadowy government agency that hunts them.


32 pages, softcover

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