Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50 + D50

Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50 + D50

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Gaming pioneer Col. Lou Zocchi, creator of the 100-sided die and inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame, has a long history with unique polyhedrons. He shares an interest in dice with Goodman Games founder Joseph Goodman. At a recent game convention, Lou and Joseph were talking about dice. Lou showed Joseph his 50-sided die, a large heavy polyhedron that resembles a child’s top. As with all things Lou sells, the die has a fun origin story. It was created long ago in a failed scheme to profit from the Wisconsin state lottery, and Lou came into possession of a great number of surplus 50-sided dice when the original creator divorced and was forced to liquidate his possessions.

While talking to Joseph, Lou lamented the lack of games that utilize the D50. “It’s a fun die and more gamers would buy it if it had more uses in the games,” said Lou.

“Hmm,” thought Joseph. “I can do something about that…”

For years, legendary gaming icon Colonel Lou Zocchi has sold the esoteric 50-sided die at his convention booths. Now Goodman Games brings you, at long last, Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50! This entertaining book contains more than 50 entries describing how to use the D50. Ranging from randomized tables to customized game mechanics, this book will ensure everyone at your table can’t wait to use their D50! If you don’t have a D50 yet, you can still use the book by rolling D% and dividing the result by 2 – but after a glance through this tome you will be motivated to run out and buy your own d50!

Written By Steven Bean, Daniel J. Bishop, Jobe Bittman, Tim Callahan, Michael Curtis, Tom Denmark, Jon Hershberger, Jon Hook, Edgar Johnson, Doug Kovacs, Brendan LaSalle, Brad McDevitt, Peter Mullen, Stephen Newton, Terry Olson, Stefan Poag, Harley Stroh, Jim Wampler, Jim Ward and Colonel Lou Zocchi

112 pages softcover, also included is a D50 by Lou Zocchi.


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