Undying Sands

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The Undying Sands is a weird desert setting in a weird format. Heavily inspired by Antiquity (Ancient Carthage, Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman world) and sprinkled with sci-fi elements from Mad Max and Jodorowsky’s Dune, the Undying Sands is a lost decaying civilization. Its glorious past long gone, the Sands are now a wasteland of sorts, dotted with crumbling ruins, antiquated temples, lost technology, and pristine natural wonders beyond the reach of most.

What do you get?

  • 30 punch-out modular hexes in cardboard.
  • GM screen containing hex-descriptions, optional rules, tools, random tables, a mini-adventure and a detail of the Great City of Sand.
  • A hand-out poster depicting the Great City and the Forgotten Pyramids in heavy paper.
  • A cloth bag.

Put all hexes in the bag, take one out randomly and place it on the table. That’s where the characters start the adventure. Ask where they want to go next and take another hex from the bag. The map of the setting is formed while players explore the desert. Leaving the Sands is only possible when there are no more hexes to pull from the bag.

By Adriana Oliveira & Andre Novoa (text), Kevin Cannon (art), Isaac Williams (additional content) and Brian Yaksha (editing).

The Undying Sands is a system-agnostic RPG setting in the hex-n-screen format. Highly compatible with traditional Sword-n-Sorcery and Science Fantasy roleplaying games. Includes 30 hexes, GM screen, hand-out poster and cloth bag.

500 copies limited run.


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