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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two youths torn between family loyalty and romantic love. Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, focuses on the cost of vengeance. The Spark RPG helps you tell those kinds of stories. It’s about examining your characters’ motivations, convictions, and perspectives.

Spark is a roleplaying, storytelling  game. You play the most important characters in a fictional world. You cooperate to tell a story about heroic deeds and personal struggles. Explore the ideas that matter to you.

  • Create fictional characters and use them to explore a rich Setting of your making.
  • Collaborate with your friends to tell a dynamic story.
  • Explore the themes and issues that matter to you.
  • Make meaningful choices and drive the story forward.

Challenge your Beliefs

You tell a story about a group of individuals with their own firmly held convictions. These characters struggle with each other and the world to uphold their Beliefs.

The more you challenge your Beliefs, the more Influence you gain and the more Conflicts you can win during play. By changing yourself, you can change the world. It is a game about self-reflection and personal growth. A game that helps you explore real life issues and learn a little bit more about yourself.


Build your World

The Spark RPG is about imagining, building, and exploring fictional worlds. It gives you all of the tools and guidance you need to create an evocative and engaging Setting. It shows you how to work together, how to find inspiration, and how to structure this fictional Setting. Most importantly, it teaches you how to create a place that each of you find compelling.

The game is purpose-built to foster creating dynamic, custom Settings. You can work together to create a world that interests all of you, one that gives you a context for rich stories.

  • Spark is a storytelling toolbox, meant to encourage all of the participants to contribute to the narrative.
  • Spark is a framework for improvisation, making it easy for the GM to plan and run a game with dynamic NPC’s generated on the fly.
  • Spark is a game of diverse forms of conflicts in game, from the social to the intellectual to the physical.
  • Spark is a game where the characters are important in the world; the world is shaped by their natures.
  • Spark is a game which encourages characters to challenge their beliefs and forces the players to examine those issues in a broader context.
  • Spark is a genre-agnostic game which allows groups to play in a large number of different settings.
  • Spark is a collection of tools which allow a group to come up with a setting on the fly, or adapt existing source material (movies, novels, video games) into a playable setting.

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