Cthulhu Hack - 2. Edition

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A standalone role-playing game of investigation and cosmic horror in Lovecraft’s sanity-shattering universe.

Enter Lovecraft’s world of gods and monsters with a game system that focuses on investigation and survival. The book includes six ready-to-play character archetypes and simple dice mechanics compatible with all First Edition supplements and adventures.

This book is all you need — including guidance for both running and playing the game, an updated and expanded introductory scenario, “Save Innsmouth”, plus a selection of monsters, magic, and secret lore.

Writing, editing, and layout by Paul Baldowski

Cover, chapter, and incidental illustrations by Paul Tomes.

156 pages, section-stitched binding, colour throughout.


What's changed from the First Edition?

Well, the 2e is full colour, for one thing. Glorious chapter images come courtesy of Paul Tomes.

The bigger page count means more guidance and thoughts on running a campaign – where individual connections survive, even if individuals do not. More magic, plus books of lore. And an expanded intro adventure, Save Innsmouth – with variations, discoveries, strange plots, and horrible revelations.

2e presents Mythos creatures in greater detail, expanding on their origin and purpose. Cthulhu Hack 2e is about throwing off the shackles of preconception, giving the Mythos the opportunity to breathe. Random tables change up their motivations, purpose and physical appearance - and the book has a scattering of other tables and hooks to help you kickstart a new investigation.

Oh, and we lost the "The" in the title.

This book includes artwork generated by Midjourney AI, on a paid subscription, using no artist names as prompts. In lieu of an artist, a charitable donation has been made to the Artists' General Benevolent Institution – https://www.agbi.org.uk/ – Registered Charity Number 212667


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