Green Devil Face 7

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LotFP's zine-style series returns with a load of new material for your game:

  • 48 Ways to Use a Dead Princess
  • 2d6 Death & Dismemberment Table of Doom
  • The Succubus
  • Esperantian Standoff
  • d66 Critical hit Damage Table
  • Think of the Children!
  • The Barber Surgeon’s Ruin
  • Revised LotFP OSR Spells: First Level
  • The Gaol of Hubert Bristol
  • Vampire Eaters
  • Heksen (The Witch) aka The Salem Post Office Incident aka New England Deliverance
  • The Tomb of St. Satan
  • The 48 Weirds: d48 Random Outworldly Phenomenons to Permanently Change the Nature and / or Essence of Oneself


48 pages A5-sized saddle-stitched booklet
Writing by Leo Ruotsalo, Tim “Samwise7” Harper, Nik Stanosheck, Luca Negri, C.A. Paul, Alucard Finch, Aaron Ekstrand, Sahh, J. Smaug Vestergaard, and Jeff Rients
Front cover Art by Maciej Janik
Layout and Design by Glynn Seal
Editing by Tom Cadorette

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