Narosia - Sea of Tears RPG

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Narosia: Sea of Tears is a roleplaying game for two to eight players. Through a blend of imagination and rules the players will create the story of their heroes as they move through this world, having fun in the process.

  • Distinct magic systems for divine and arcane powers
  • Detailed cultures and races integrated into the story of the world
  • Card system to facilitate player control of the gods and influence the plot
  • Setting-specific martial arts
  • Action fantasy system to enable over-the-top action
  • Comprehensive skills and abilities to define any character
  • Battle-tested system that scales from commoner to demi-god
  • Bestiary that expands on the 300+ creatures from HERO System Bestiary
  • Over 30 years of HERO System material to draw from (180+ sourcebooks)
  • Ready to print GM Screen panels

Whatever your interest — dungeon delving, intrigue, or exploration — Narosia provides a rich background for the legends you forge.

Additional Support
  • HERO Designer Character Pack available, include racial templates, cultural and adventurer packages, spells, orisons, and equipment.
  • Character Sheets available for download
  • Complementary download of Divine Intervention Cards in PDF format for print, cut, and play at home (
  • Poker-sized cards available (see for details &emdash; no need to print and cut 165 cards)
  • iOS App as a digital GM Screen and Combat Tracker



466 pages, softcover


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