Ten Years of Adventure

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Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Monte Cook Games, the 212-page limited-edition hardcover collection Ten Years of Adventure brings you ten exciting adventures for Numenera, the Cypher System, and The Strange!

Explore our fascinating worlds with fan-favorite adventures chosen from a decade of official MCG Gen Con events. Despite their popularity with GMs and players, these adventures have never before seen print. (The one exception—Tyrant’s Key—appears here in a special version optimized for a four-hour one-shot game, and gives you pregenerated characters not included with the adventure’s original appearance in Path of the Planebreaker.)

From fantasy and sci-fi one-shots, to multi-party mega-events, to highly replayable horror adventures, this book delivers an amazing assortment of great gaming experiences from masters of adventure design. This is a limited-edition hardcover available in limited quantities for a short time only.

Ten Years of Adventure collects these adventures into a 212-page hardcover with downloadable handouts and pregenerated characters:

  • “Forgetting Doomsday” by Shanna Germain
  • “The Hideous Game” by Monte Cook
  • “Shards of the Looking Glass” by Charles Ryan (Gen Con 2022 adventure not yet published)
  • “The Skein of the Backbone Bride” by Shanna Germain
  • “The Eschatology Code” by Bruce R. Cordell
  • “Assault on Singularity Base” multi-party adventure by Sean K. Reynolds
  • “Castaway” by Charles Ryan
  • “The Infinity Shift” by Dennis Detwiller
  • “The Takings” by Charles Ryan (Gen Con 2022 adventure)
  • “Tyrant’s Key” by Bruce R. Cordell (also presented for 5E; Gen Con 2022 adventure)


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