The Dungeon Masters

The Dungeon Masters

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"This is how they roll."  What the hit comedy feature "Role Models" did for live-action role-playing game enthusiasts, "The Dungeon Masters" does for devoted table-top game players.  D&D is no mere game to Richard, Scott and Elizabeth, the people profiled in this engrossing documentary.  Against a backdrop of crumbling middle-class America, these three adults have devoted themselves to the storied game.  But their baroque fantasies are at odds with their mundane real lives, and they find it increasingly difficult to gain satisfaction from the imaginary triumphs provided by D&D. 

Along the way, director Keven McAlester reveals his subjects' actual heroism: summoning the courage to face life's hardships head on.  "The Dungeon Masters" reimagines the themes of classic heroic cinema, creating a moving picture of large struggles and small victories.

1,78:1, Laufzeit 87 Minuten, NTSC, Regionalcode 1

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