Symbaroum Ambria and Davokar Map

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When setting up for adventures in the world of Symbaroum, start by spreading this double-sided, high quality print map across the table. The map is of the size A2 (or 16.5 x 23.4 inches) and shows the world of Symbaroum and the town of Thistle Hold in great detail.

On one side is the map of Symbaroum’s game world. The borders of the barbarian clan territories and Ambria’s duchies are shown, along with the main traveling routes of Queen Korinthia’s realm. Of course, it also displays the name and location of many rivers, settlements and already discovered ruins.

On the back is a detailed city map of Thistle Hold, including street names and important establishments – something you can hardly do without if you plan to spend some time in the town of Mayor Nightpitch!


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Versandgewicht: 1,6 kg
Versandgewicht: 1,6 kg
Versandgewicht: 1,6 kg
Versandgewicht: 1,6 kg
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