Agone - ein barockes Dark Fantasy Rollenspiel

Agone - ein barockes Dark Fantasy Rollenspiel

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  AGONE - ein barockes Dark Fantasy Rollenspiel

At the dawn of time, the Muses breathed life and magic into Harmundia. Then the Masque came, a renegade seeking to enslave all mortals. A Great Eclipse darkened the sky and Twilight descended upon the world. Since then,the humans and the nine seasonling races have built the Twilight Realms. Now the enemies are more deceitful and more powerfu lthan ever. The Masque has returned, and the evil Darken is creeping into the Realms. Once again, as the Eminences Grise foretold it, war is setting Harmundia ablaze!

Discover a dark and baroque Heroic Fantasy world where weapons clash and spells thunder. In this setting of intrigues and marvels, be a baron respected by his subjects, a magical minstrel admired by all,an elusive acrobat assassin, or a Machiavellian spy. Learn to master the four Magical Arts and the Ascendancy, the magic of the Dancers. Play the part of a brawny ogre, a mysterious black fey, a hunting sprite, a plotting medusa, a wandering spriggan, a sturdy dwarf, a minotaur or an awe-inspiring giant!

Equipped with efficient, flexible and comprehensive game mechanics, Agone offers intrigue, heroism, dazzling magic, and fierce action. Agone features exceptional artwork and graphical layout.

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