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Add some excitement and variation to skill checks with the Luck Deck. When players roll a 20 give them a Good Luck Card, or a Bad Luck Card when they roll a 1. These cards can be used later in the session for additional benefits or misfortune. The fantasy role playing game can go either way when the Luck Deck is used — so try not to act surprised. The Luck Deck comes with:

  • 26 Good Luck Cards (for players)
  • 26 Bad Luck Cards (for GMs)

So what are you waiting for? Play your tabletop fantasy role playing games with the Luck Deck and see what suits you better — fortune of misfortune!


This deck of simple cards adds a whole new dimension to your role playing game, giving the players a new Luck variable that is very simple to keep track of and extremely fun to utilize — if luck plays out in your favor, that is. Simply put, if you roll a 20, you’ll have good fortune to cash in later. If you roll a 1… well — try not to roll a 1

  • 26 good luck cards for use by the players
  • 26 bad luck cards for use by the GM
  • Roll well and you’ll have an additional arsenal against your foes, roll poorly and bad fortune awaits you!

Are you looking to add fun variables and the influence of luck to your already-fun tabletop role playing game?



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Versandgewicht: 1,3 kg
Versandgewicht: 1,3 kg
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