The Curse of the House of Rookwood

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Rookwood is...

A supernatural adventure where your family must survive together against a world of secret societies, terrifying spirits and monsters, and ancient evils lurking in the hidden corners of the earth.

A family drama of troubled relationships and opportunities for your family to grow closer or further apart. Whether funny, poignant, or cathartic, your characters' lives will feel immediately familiar, personal, and relevant. Make the family you want -- there are no prescribed roles or hierarchy, just meaningful relationships.

A gothic alternate history that you create, portraying generations of the same family in different iconic time periods. Stalk aristocratic vampires in the gothic 1880s. Search for secrets in lost jungle ruins in the pulpy 1920s. Protect London from the Ghost Blitz in the wartorn 1940s. Thwart clairvoyant Russian spies in the spy-fi 1960s.

Uses six-sided dice with easy-to-learn rules that empower the voice of each person at the table and encourage everyone to bring family's relationships to the forefront of the story. For 2 to 5 players and a GM, can be played as a 3-4 hour one-shot or as a longer campaign that spans multiple generations.

136 Seiten, Hardcover

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