The Kaiin Players Guide

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"It was night in white-walled Kaiin, and festival time . . . From the balconies dangled flower chains and cages of blue fire-flies. Turjan melted into the throng . . . then he made for the palace of Kandive the Golden."

White-walled Kaiin isn't another open-air dungeon, it is where your PCs live. From the rotting docks to the eyeless corpses feeding the rats in Old Town, Kaiin is their home. The Kaiin Player's Guide outlines what they already know about the place: the palaces, sewers, colleges, taverns, and brothels - EVERYTHING.

This book has hundreds of plot hooks and contacts, all fleshed-out and ready to go. They players choose which way to go, and the droll, decadent cruelty begins.

Gate-crash Prince Kandive's parties - flich from the aristocrats of Odkin Prospect - fall victim to dream powder - sample some synthetic love - risk a debate with a petulant Arch-Magician - throw rivals into the deodand pit. You Want It, Have At It!

The Kaiin Player's Guide has fantastic illustrations, complete NPC statistics and superb maps - everything GMs and players need for months of desperate merriment and mincing murder. The Kaiin Player's Guide is suitable for all levels of play, from rogue to Arch-Magician.

Written by Robin D. Laws.

192 pages


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