Demons of the Dying Earth

Demons of the Dying Earth

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Face your fears with the Demons of the Dying Earth.

"I am no one, nothing. I am an abstraction, an emotion, the ooze of terror, the sweat of horror, the shake in the air when a scream has departed."

Demons of the Dying Earth brings occult horror to your Dying Earth games. It contains all that you need to know about demons, their magic, and the misguided fools who summon them.

Demons of the Dying Earth includes:

  • Unreliable advice for combating these fearsome creatures.
  • New spells for demons, witches, witch-finders, and diabolists.
  • Appalling and twisted demonic realms.
  • Demonic tweaks.
  • Diabolical magic items.
  • Horribly appropriate taglines.

You will find the low-down on the Demons of Lumarth, the Kaiin Witch Cult, and the Green Legion of Valdaran the Just - plus descriptions of several significant demonic subworlds and how to reach them, as well as substantially unpleasant adventure outlines. Learn about the dreaded Demonic Taint, how to resist a terror of demons, and which spells are efficacious against demons - and which are not.

Demons provide worthy opponents for Turjan-level adventurers, but we provide information for including these abominations in Cugel- and Rhialto-level games.

Written by Robin D. Laws and Ian Thomson.


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