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Ominous signs have been sweeping across the land. Forbidding skies stained the color of blood. Thunderous, bestial sounds roaring from across the sea. Natural disasters of all varieties are raging uncontrollably across the land. Through it all, rumors swirl of strangely-clad heretics and wild-eyed blasphemers running amok, whispering prophecies of annihilation. What is happening… and why?

Learned folk of every race have assembled with the most renowned oracles and seers of our age in an effort to discover what is truly happening. They all point to one place as the source of their collective woe – the primeval jungles and untouched shores of the legendary Skullcano Island!

Through eldritch sorcery and divine visions, these great users of magic have deduced that a terrible power has arrived on Skullcano Island, drawn to the light and life that is our world. These mysterious wardens of doom seek to perpetuate an apocalyptic extinction event that will plunge the world back into a primordial age, using the island's legendary kaiju to wipe the slate clean once and for all. 

Now that the land is filled with these terrible tidings of the apocalypse and all signs point to Skullcano Island, a call has gone out for only the most experienced and powerful of adventurers. An elite fellowship has been assembled and sent forth to discover what the true heart of this menace is and, if able, put a stop to it before the entire world is reduced to ashes. Will the player characters survive and – if so – what will remain of the world when they are done?

Escape from Skullcano Island is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and 5E roleplaying style cram-packed with b-movie, monster movie-era badassery to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers. It is a high level adventure designed for a group of Tier 4 player characters, but is easily scalable for Tier 3 level challenges. If slappin' down apocalyptic death cults or taking on titanic kaiju in a land that time forgot is in your wheelhouse, then you're in the right place. We're excited to take you back to a time when the simplest things in life were worrying about making your saving throw against some giant monster's lightning breath or duking it out toe to toe with a bunch of entropy-worshiping doomslakers in the heart of a raging volcano. Oh, and there's plenty of face-offs against slobbering monsters of all shapes and sizes to whet your appetite for the old school. Feel like taking on a two-headed gorilla-god in the ruins of ancient flooded forest? We've got that too, in all the pulpy, retro, Grindhouse-style you can handle.

Written by Levi Combs.

Art and contributions by  Adrian Landeros, Karl Stjernberg, Edwin Bickford III, John Gulow, Je Shields, Diogo Noguiera, Keelan Halvorsen and Lawrence Hernandez.

138 Seiten, Hardcover


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