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Necropolis 2350TM - A setting book for Savage WorldsTM.

The year is 2350.
The place is Salus-more popularly called Necropolis-the only habitable world left to mankind. Knights of the militant Sacri Ordines of the Third Reformation Church are locked in a bitter crusade against the Rephaim ("the dead ones"), a race of evil beings who wield necromantic powers and possess a fervent desire to exterminate all life. Lives are not the only thing at stake-humanity's very existence hangs in the balance. If the Rephaim win, mankind's light will forever disappear from the universe. Should humanity succeed in overcoming the tide of darkness, it can begin to rebuild its former might, perhaps again reaching out into the void to find new worlds on which to prosper and multiply.
Yet even when faced with extinction, mankind cannot work together. While the Rephaim batter at humanity's door, the Church and Union of Corporations continue their cold-war struggle for dominance over the lives of millions. All that stands between oblivion and salvation are courage and faith.

Welcome to Necropolis...
Necropolis 2350TM is a dark futuristic setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPGTM designed by Triple Ace Games.
Triple Ace Games is the creative team that brought you Rippers: Horror Roleplaying in the Victorian Age, The Pirates of the Spanish Main, The Savage World of Solomon Kane and Sundered Skies.

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