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Operators is a tabletop RPG that tells stories about a crew of hyper competent spies and Tier 1 shooters that need to do what they do best. Save the world from imminent destruction, slip into the streets and uncover conspiracies, or fight to recover the latest technology that has fallen into the wrong hands.

In this standalone game you will find:

  • An all-new core mechanic that introduces last minute complications in order to generate breakneck action movie pacing and tension.
  • In-depth rules that put the narrative and fiction first and play at the classic tropes we look for in the genre that include heists and hobs, kinetic fights, and high-octane chases.
  • Rules to play action, spy, and military thrillers.
  • Detailed and realistic background information as well as special rules for playing the game in a challenging technothriller mode.
  • A toolkit to help the game runner generate compelling antagonists and hit all the right action thriller notes.

There are optional Fight & Chase cards but these are not required to play.

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