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Welcome to the world of the Verdant Isles!

Teatime Adventures is a nonviolent roleplaying game full of heartwarming magic, baked goods, and a tea pairing for every adventure. Gather a few friends around the table and imagine yourselves in the fully realized Village of Oakenbend where you will help uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious mysteries.

Teatime Adventures uses an easy to learn, family-friendly system that's perfect for newcomers and veteran RPG players alike. Create invigorating elixirs at the snap of your fingers with Kitchen Magic or travel through the very fabric of time and space by casting group spells using powerful Harmony Magic. Featuring fifty new spells, a host of magic items, and custom spell creation rules that let you mix and match spell components in ingenious ways.

Will you choose to be a Deerkin or a Hoptop? Will you be aligned to the Storm or to the Twilight? Will you snack on apple turnovers or spicy dragon biscuits? These choices and more await you in Teatime Adventures

  • Over 200 pages overflowing with beautiful illustrations and hand painted art
  • An inclusive LGBTQ+ and disability-friendly world that is welcoming to all
  • 4 wonderfully cozy mysteries for you and your friends to solve
  • 6 honest to goodness recipes that you can cook at home
  • Over 30 charming villagers for you to meet and befriend
  • Dozens of quaint shops, gardens, and homes to explore in the Village of Oakenbend
  • Dozens of fantastical locations that can take your adventure out across the Isles



vollfarbiges Hardcover 


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