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Snowbright Studio is proud to present Cozy Companion magazine, your guide to all things warm and cozy in tabletop gaming.

Every issue features a new RPG adventure and cozy mystery fiction set in Snowbright’s worlds along with special features like recipes, crafts, board game reviews, interviews with tabletop creators, new rules for Snowbright RPGs, “choose your own story” fiction, and more! If you or a friend enjoys cozy games and fiction, then this is the perfect publication for you.  

This issue includes:

  • Interview: Hopping Fresh with Joel Sparks
  • Lore: The Great Mushby Mystery
  • Science: Fascinating Fungi
  • Activities: Marvelous Mushroom Art
  • Fiction: Shadow in the Dark, Part 1
  • Adventure: Precious Things (Verdant Isles/Teatime Adventures)
  • Interview: A Night with Knight Moves
  • Game Reviews with Ryla

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