Tall Pines - Cyclopean Bluffs & Deep Space Monitors

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Cyclopean Bluffs and Deep Space Monitors are expansions for the surreal murder myster RPG, Tall Pines. You'll need a copy of Tall Pines to play.

Cyclopean Bluffs moves the action of Tall Pines from a secluded mountain town to a crumbling seaside village called Queensport. It adds new Protagonists, Scene Cards, and Act Close Cards to the game. Cyclopean Bluffs also replaces the murder Victim of Tall Pines with a Missing Teen, adds the possibility of Protagonists becoming something beyond human, and adds a new Tone to the game: Alienation.

Deep Space Monitors is an X-Files-inspired expansion that introduces a number of different paranormal cases to play through, and centers the relationship drama of a pair of FBI agents. It changes things up by introducing a large number of Act Close cards and Setup Questions that prime each case for play, replacing Secrets with Informants, and adding the Partner mechanic that keeps the FBI agents in (sometimes uncomfortably) close proximity.

57 Cards in box with rules

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