Dungeons and Doggies 1

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Because your roleplaying games don't have enough dog. 

Introduce intelligent canine characters to your tabletop campaigns with Dungeons and Doggies!

Each adorable pup is a different breed and has been given a fantasy class. These detailed miniatures are lovingly designed, bursting with character, and ready for adventure!

Inside this box, you'll find six detailed miniatures ready to paint or play.

  • Cornelius, the Golden Retriever wizard
  • Morgaine, the cunning Dachsund sorcerer
  • Tedric, the feisty Chihuahua rogue
  • Flint, the wily Cattle Dog ranger
  • Svetlana, the stoic Beagle barbarian
  • Cerysse, the pious St Bernard cleric
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