Dragon Kings World Book

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Dragon Kings World Book …
… the savage world revealed, a book of wondrous lore

Read of the Dragon King Pretenders in their Black Fortress, of the factions and strange races vying for control of the wastelands and their sand-blasted cities. The Dragon Kings World Book tells many tales, many legends, and sets the stage for the many adventures to come.

Behold, those who would dominate the savage world of Khitus!


  • Bev al-Khim: Mysterious pale-skinned agents and brokers
  • Boneshards: Deadly assassins scarred by hidden weapons
  • Dramidge: A magic college of isolated wizards devoted to dragons
  • Gare Attessa: The omnipresent Chroniclers, royal advisers and watchers
  • Kuad Ahir: The Awakened, followers of the Prophet
  • Merchants: From peddlers to caravan masters, the world’s traders
  • Nyutu: The All-Seeing, transient entertainers with unique mental powers
  • Qath Manhir: Equivocally honorable brigands and enforcers
  • Raetann: Bureaucratic Water Guild, emergent challengers to power
  • Rakar: A magic college, the Cozeners, keepers of slave decoys
  • Shadazim: Right Minders, new clergy of the ancient gods
  • Trakeen: The Faithful, worshipers of the departed Dragon Kings
  • Yenfansa: Feared and little-understood Devil’s Children, the White Eyes

Tribes and Races

  • Attites: Human negotiators and peacemakers
  • Chindi: Human matriarchal traders and warriors on the fringes of the known world
  • Cold Skins/Oritahl: Lizard men of the swamps with growing awareness
  • Krikis: Bug men that hoard bright lode
  • Makadan: Human warrior culture and source of many Khitan mercenaries
  • Nordor: Human barbarian stone carvers from the frigid north
  • Pachyaur: Elephantaurs of the equator
  • Penmai: Daring acrobatic humanoids with prehensile tails
  • Prajalu: Short, stocky humans feared as poison makers and child stealers
  • Watu: Slaver elephantaurs

Dragon Kings is the new fantasy role-playing setting by Timothy Brown, co-designer of Dark Sun and 2300AD.

The Dragon Kings World Book is system-agnostic; get the free PDF rule supplements to play with your favorite game systems, including Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and 13th Age!

Written by Timothy Brown
Cover Art by Brom
Interior Art by Thomas Denmark, Thomas M. Baxa, Thomas Babbey, and others
Cartography by Alyssa Faden


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