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Every generation fits the time-honored constants of the hero tale to its own needs. Today’s serial adventurers, whether they burst from re-envisioned histories or ply the humming foredecks of an imagined future, ride a cresting cultural wave. Through thirteen thrilling stories of threatened identity and vanquished disorder, The New Hero 2’s diverse cast of top writers slices, dices and recombines the limits of the form.

Plunge into danger alongside their unforgettable problem-smashers, from a feminist painter-mercenary to a spacefaring bad-ass, from steampunk cowgirls to a mutant paladin of the semiotic apocalypse. Hunt monsters churned up in the wake of the crusades. Plumb occult secrets on Chicago’s meanest streets. Crack wise with hardboiled sword-slingers. Succor lost souls on the soft shores of Limbo.

Grab camera, medkit or mystic tome and rush to your rendezvous with the heroes of tomorrow.

Mapping genre’s shifting borderlands are:

  • Alex BLEDSOE
  • Emily Care BOSS
  • Jennifer BROZEK
  • Tobias BUCKELL
  • Matt FORBECK
  • Robin D. LAWS
  • Jean RABE
  • Christina STILES
  • Greg STOLZE
  • James L. SUTTER
  • John Scott TYNES
  • James WALLIS


288 Seiten, Taschenbuch

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