Guide to Black Magic

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Step out of the light and into the shadows, into a realm where the powers of darkness hold sway!

Practitioners of the dark arts have plagued mankind for millennia. Hiding in the shadows, they have remained a mysterious and potent force for evil. We can now reveal their dastardly methods and schemes, thus giving Gamemasters the tools to create unique occult villains and players the tools to defeat them!

Inside you will find:

  • A look at black magic throughout the ages, and a list of deities suitable for veneration by diabolical cults.
  • Guidelines on how black magicians learn their art, and ways to identify, protect yourself against, and defeat them.
  • Arcane options for the Refuge: Resource.
  • Rules for Familiars.
  • Six new rituals, five occult texts, and five occult relics.
  • Stats for six types of mortal black magician, 12 lesser horrors, seven greater horrors.
  • Eight unique villains.

64 pages, softcover

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