Super Destiny High School Rumble

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Super Destiny High School Rumble!! is an anime-inspired tabletop RPG that uses the Apocalypse World Engine for fast character creation and rules-light, collaborative storytelling.

  • Choose 2 playbooks, your student type and your super-powered destiny
  • Build bonds with your teammates, then use them to inspire yourself or your friends
  • Juggle the dual identities of daily life at school and the destiny that draws villains and adventure to intrude on your plans
  • Confront minions, lieutenants and bosses
  • Unlock limit breaks and combine your powers with your teammates for unique and powerful attacks
  • Use moves like Proclaim Your Feelings and Go All Out
  • Build your world collaboratively, from the classroom to the stars

"Prom is tomorrow, today's a math test and an alien invasion, and your powers have only just returned after the Battle of Band Trip. Good thing your lab partner is an extraterrestrial princess and your best friend is a secret vigilante."

Von Jessica van Oort, Ruth Lampi und S.A. Hannon.

264 Seiten, Softcover

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