The Complete The Oracle

The Complete The Oracle

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The Oracle was a well realized, very ambitious fanzine put out almost single-handedly by Christopher Bigelow, a Mormon teenager, in 1982 and 83. It is an excellent example of the type and includes original adventures, rules offerings like new character classes, and reviews of other periodicals and rules systems and movies.

"The Complete The Oracle" is a print project by The Hutchingsonian Presents, the publishing side of PlaGMaDA, The Play Generated Map and Document Archive. We are republishing all five issues in a single limited-run, hand-numbered, hardback volume, the book includes appendixes of correspondence and development material related to the zine, other period gaming related projects by the author, and a selection of additional art by people with a similar background from that time period.

For the PlaGMaDA archive this printing project is an attempt to reintroduce a nearly lost set of historical game documents. It's a huge serving of nostalgia on a platter of awesome. The PlaGMaDA archive works to collect and preserve game material that would otherwise be lost to trash bins and time. By reprinting these zines we can push them back into the world so they can live on in libraries and collections both public and private.

All six issues are  bound in a single volume of 280+ pages, which will include a wonderful introduction by the author and possibly commentary from other sources. The book will reproduce the actual zine itself, ads and all, and will be in the original 5.5" x 8.5" format and hardbound. Additional zines and background material may be included if the stretch goals are reached.


284 pages, hardcover



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