Torg Living Land Survival Box

Torg Living Land Survival Box

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The Delphi Council arranges another drop of key war materials to its agents in the field. This level includes the Living Land source book, GM screen, The God Box adventure, plus 16 new character Archetypes, new Threat Cards, Threat Blips, and Possibilities, more Status Token sheets, more Character Journals, and a host of unlockable physical stretch goals.

See the main text for an up to date list of everything in the Survival Box!

  • The Living Land Sourcebook
  • The God Box Adventure
  • The Living Land GM Screen and Archetypes
  • Living Land High-grade Ceramic Possibility Chips
  • Torg Eternity Dice (2 d20s, 2 d6s)
  • Living Land Threat Card Standees
  • Living Land Threat Blips
  • Living Land Journal Pack
  • Living Land Promotional Cards
  • Torg Eternity Counter Sheet
  • The Living Land Year 1 Poster Map
  • The Rising Storm Novelette
  • The God Box Soundtrack CD
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