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Aysle is ruled by High Lord Uthorion and his armies of Darkness. It has taken over Great Britain and Scandinavia, and is encroaching into Europe.

Aysle invaded from below, digging up from dungeons and tunnels between the realms. Now any basement in the realm might be a doorway to underground adventures and treasure.

The seas and skies have filled with dragons and other beasts.

Magic flourishes in Aysle. Ancient legends are given new life as heroes of Light and monsters of Darkness re-enact them and draw power from the magic of tale.

Not all the invaders are evil. Pella Ardinay led an army of her last followers, including the last of the elves and dwarves, in pursuit of her foe Uthorion.

A showdown on Earth is coming!


  • • New Perks, Spells, Miracles, and Magical Gear for players.
  • • New threats, foes, and plenty of monsters to encounter!
  • • Details the different regions of Aysle.
  • • Plot hooks and events from the first year of the Possibility Wars.


Requires Torg Eternity and the Torg Eternity Drama Deck to play.

144 Seiten, vollfarbiges Hardcover

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