Torg Eternity Delphi Council Cargo Box

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Alles was ihr für Torg Eternity braucht, inklusive einiger exklusiven Zugaben.

Enthalten sind:

  • Torg Eternity Core Rules
  • Torg Drama Deck
  • Torg Würfelset
  • Torg Weltkarte
  • Torg Possibility Chips
  • Torg Soundtrack
  • Torg Day 1 Sourcebook
  • Torg Delphi Council Mission Book
  • Torg Gamemaster-Screen
  • Torg Token Set
  • Torg Realm Cards
  • Torg Creature Cards


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Raiders from other realities have arrived on Earth and and where they rule the laws of physics warp to form strange, new landscapes!

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Rising Storm features eleven adventures that span all the cosms of the Possibility Wars.

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This blister pack contains two d20 and four six-sided `bonus dice`, as well as three card inserts useful for keeping track of `exploding` dice when a 10 or 20 result allows for another die to roll and add.

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The Drama Deck features three decks of cards designed to enhance your Torg Eternity campaigns.

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Experience the chaos and uncertainty of the opening minutes of the Possibility Wars first hand with Day One.

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Introducing twenty unique Possibility tokens designed to add flavor and style to your game of Torg Eternity.

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A three-panel GM-screen for TORG Eternity.

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The soundtrack to Torg's triumphant return.

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Track the progress of the Possibility Wars in your Torg Eternity campaigns with this double-sided, dry-erase map of Core Earth

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