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The Cyberpapacy is a realm of oppressive technology ruled by High Lord Jean Malraux, the first and only Cyberpope. According to the Church, flesh is sinful and metal is clean.
The Cyberpapacy arrived in Avignon as saviors crusading against the demons and invaders from the other realms. It has spread across France and Spain, and even as far as Brazil.

Within the borders of the Cyberpapacy the people pray on their knees, afraid of witches
and demons who may lurk anywhere. If they pray hard enough and follow the rules the benevolent Church may upgrade their frail and imperfect flesh to sleek mechanical Cyberware.
The Cyberpapacy doesn’t conquer with force. It waits to be welcomed by people who need upgrades, or wish to live a beautiful life plugged into the all-encompassing GodNet!


  • New Perks, Spells, Miracles, and Cyberware for players.
  • New threats and foes to encounter, and a detailed breakdown of the Church’s methods and resources.
  • Details the different regions of the Cyberpapacy, including Brazil and the GodNet.
  • Plot hooks and events from the first year of the Possibility Wars.

144 Seiten, vollfarbiges Hardcover

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Versandgewicht: 1,2 kg
Versandgewicht: 1,2 kg
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