Fates Worse than Death

Fates Worse than Death

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Manhattan, 2080. Ruined by decades of war and global crises, the city is now home to those that can't or won't fit in elsewhere. The city is little more than an anarchy, plagued by every imaginable evil and horror, from self-reproducing serial killers to pusher gangs who hold down people and force them to use drugs.

Yet in the darkness of the city, a flame of hope smolders and grows. Homeless families are turning the wisdom from generations on the streets in to power. Good people are starting gangs for self defense, turning gang membership in to something to be proud of. Young people are using the same illegal technology that turns some people in to monsters to turn themselves in to powerful heroes.

People in the city have finally realized that nobody else is going to save them, and they are learning to save themselves.

  • A complete game - no other products needed to play.
  • Powerful & flexible character creation system. Choose from 46 occupations and gang affiliations encompassing every segment of city society.
  • Realistically lethal combat system encourages players to think, rather than fight.
  • 'In brief' boxes let readers skim through for general info and dive in for more details.
  • An incredibly detailed look at one real city, describing every aspect of the city and the people who live there.
  • Fan Rewards: Gain access to free supplemental materials and get free stuff at www.fatesworsethandeath.com.
  • Detailed random encounter tables let GMs easily turn a walk down the street in to an adventure.
  • Two complete introductory adventures.

460 pages, softcover

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