In Dark Alleys

In Dark Alleys

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If you look down the wrong alley in the middle of the night, you may see something happening which is terrible, inexplicable, alien. If you are like most, you will keep driving and try to forget what you've seen.

Yet some pain or hunger inside you may drive you to turn back, to try to gain another glimpse. You may spend sleepless nights peering down dark alleys, reading heretical texts, performing strange rituals, exploring abandoned places, trying to grasp the sensations that squirm at the back of your mind. Along the way you will discover that you are developing incredible and dangerous powers.

And there will come a day when you catch a glimpse of something that sees you looking at it, that realizes that you know things that you're not supposed to know. And without a word it will rush at you…


  • A complete game - no other products needed to play.
  • Play 'the Touched,' people who have peeked behind the curtain of this reality, people who have incredible powers but are in terrible danger.
  • A unique, fully detailed horror cosmology.
  • A detailed look at supernatural and mundane Los Angeles as a default campaign setting.
  • Two complete introductory adventures.
  • Fan Rewards: Get free stuff just by playing.




286 pages, softcover



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