Axon Punk Overdrive

Axon Punk Overdrive

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In the megacities of 2085, the streets are full of music. You can feel the pulse, the beat, the rhythm of people and buildings pressing in on you under the gray sky.

The century has been full of technologic progress, war, hyperbolic capitalism, environmental destruction, and the ultimate pursuit of profit over people. You and your friends play as a team of hackers, engineers, cyborgs, AI, and others trying to be forces of change as the great war of global inequality rages on the streets around you in this game inspired by classic cyberpunk and hip hop.

This gamebook includes everything you need to play and run Axon Punk: Overdrive: Details on the unique the world of Axon Punk, the core rules, character creation and advancement, Community creation rules and a demo Community including 4 Locations, game mastering advice, a 2-3hr demo mission for 2-5 players, as well as story hooks for 2 more missions.


144 page B&W softcover book


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