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DnDizzle - Dragons in the Hood

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DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood is a pocket sized table top RGP that affectionately parodies 80s & 90s hip-hop culture and classic adventure RPGs

“Thug life aint always what it's cracked up to be; especially when you got a big-ass dragon living in your hood.” DnDizzle is a role-playing game set in the hood of Comptonia, a kingdom ruled by the benevolent King Pimperton. In DnDizzle you take on the role of a heroic OG battling against the menacing black dragon that has taken over the city dump, and is summoning monsters to destroy the OGs and their hood.

The game is written from two intertwining perspectives, indicated by obvious fonts. The first is from the perspective of Fat Warrior, an ancient and knowledgeable denizen of Comptonia. The second is from the perspective of a nerdy game designer to provide clear game information.

This game is for mature players, due to language, drug use and violence. If you don't mind some fantasy adult content and would like a good laugh, come join the fight and become a legend of the hood.

Here's a snippet from Fat Warrior about the current state of the world: “Now Comptonia is all f***ed up and it's your job to fix it. So go get experience, jack monsters, bling out your armor and sword, until you are straight pimpin', all day every day. Gather your homies, 'cause you are gonna need some trusted motherf***ers to watch yo back, like a gangsta convention or some sh*t and fight for you home; it's the only one you got. Now it's time for you to go forth! Cry, “thug life!” and let slip the gats of war; just don't be caught trippin'.”

Why Combine Hip-Hop & Adventure Role-playing?
"DnDizzle is my way of paying homage to my youth in a humorous, romanticized light. In DnDizzle, anyone can be a hero. When people think of the of the 80s and 90s rap world they often associate it with some of the negative things in the culture and forget about the positives. Hip-hop raised awareness of issues on race and class discrimination, advanced artistic expression in low-income areas, and built a sense of community. When I got older I moved out of the projects and began getting into role-playing games, which lead me to my career as a game designer and writer. DnDizzle was born from my love of hip-hop and gaming, proving you can take the geek out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the geek." -Ron Leota

10x15 cm Softcover



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6 - 6 von 40 Ergebnissen