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Hush Hush - The Sleeper Sourcebook

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The Sleepers Sourcebook


. . . my soul to keep . . .

If I die in my sleep, at least I'll know who did it.

The Sleepers are the bedtime-story bogeymen of the occult underground. They keep the existence of magick a secret from the mundane world, lest the sleeping tiger wake and devour us all. If you make too much unnatural noise, if you leave witnesses to your workings, or if you just can't shut your pie hole about how you can melt your face on command, the Sleepers will come for you in the depths of night and tell it to you straight: hush hush, little mage, for dead men cast no spells.

Listen close and you can hear their secrets:

  • stories of the Sleepers, true & otherwise
  • recruitment, training, and ops
  • strongholds, personnel, and equipment
  • twelve case files


But keep it to yourself - or else.

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