Clockwork & Chivalry RPG 2nd Edition

Clockwork & Chivalry RPG 2nd Edition

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Swords and flintlocks, alchemy and clockwork, fanatics and freedom-fighters... and the occasional ghoul!

1645: England has descended into civil war. Prince Rupert and his alchemist-cavaliers fight on behalf of their exiled king against the clockwork war machines of Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army. Between them, a host of political and religious factions struggle for survival.

Clockwork & Chivalry returns in a standalone 2nd edition featuring the new Renaissance rules, a fast, grim, heroic D100 system geared up to the world of black-powder weapons, political machinations and fanatical righteousness:

  • Brutal combat in the age of black powder weapons
  • Extensive rules for alchemy, witchcraft and clockwork
  • Rich character creation options
  • A host of of political and religious factions
  • Fully developed world background
  • Everything you need to play in one book

Alchemists, diggers, dragons, engineers, mercenaries, puritans, ranters, royalists, satanists, thieves, witches, zombies... which side are you on?

“The best British fantasy setting since WFRP 1st edition.” - Newt Newport, author of OpenQuest


400 pages, hardcover

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