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These soft foam dice are great for many uses. From your spawn's first set of dice, to helping the hard of sight old fart DM see the numbers, to educational uses (yeah I said that), to just throwing them at your Game Master!

These dice are just the right size to fit in your fist and they are squishy too! Fondle them without shame. Roll them and knock over miniatures without remorse. Best of all the 4 sided die doesn't hurt when you step on it!

These dice are made of Polyurethane and then tampo printed (stamped) for long lasting markings. Child safe (if they don't eat them!), Cat friendly, and recommended for ages 3+

7 Würfel, W4, W6, W8, W10, W00, W12, W20, zwischen 4,5 cm und 7 cm Höhe/Kantenlänge aus Polyurethan.



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