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Welcome to the floating islands of Azure. Here among the dazzling fragments of the Caribbean islands is where your elite fighter pilot will make their mark on the world.

Warbirds is a game about flying and fighting for fame and fortune. Step into the role of a Guild pilot and go head to head in fast-paced aerial combat powered by Outrider Studios’ Rapidfire system. Build your fame in the air to receive opportunities to star in films, sponsor products, feature in comic books, and gain the perks of international celebrity.

For the thrill of flight and the allure of fame... take to the skies.


Welcome to the Warbirds Role Playing Game

Warbirds is Outrider Studio’s latest RPG. It is a diesel-punk air combat adventure game that focuses on fighter pilots as they chase after fame and fortune. It combines the action and excitement of early adventure serials with chaos and heroism of World War 2 dogfights.


The game is set amongst the sky islands of Azure. It is an alternate reality version of the Caribbean islands (and the Florida and Yucatan peninsulas), floating in the sky above an endless murk. The islands are populated by fascinating characters and rich cultures which are both familiar and slightly alien.

The Guild

Characters start as rookies in an elite mercenary group called the fighter Guild. The Guild has all of the best technology, and their advanced fighter aircraft are known as warbirds. The Guild hires young pilots with a lot of potential and molds them into elite fighter aces. Guild pilots might find themselves battling air pirates, escorting expeditions to far off islands, or even fighting in one Azure’s frequent conflicts.

Fame, Fortune, and Scandals

In Azure, fighter pilots are celebrities. Your character’s achievements dictate their fame, and you’ll get to decide how to interact with fans, gain publicity, and deal with scandals. Will you star in movies? Start your own clothing line? Hide yourself away in a mountain top mansion? Or trash your hotel room?

The fame mechanic tracks a character’s progression from up-and-comer to superstar. Characters can increase their fame by completing missions, but they can also compete in air shows and air races, and even obtain sponsors and turn their plane into a flying billboard.

Being famous means risking scandals. The paparazzi are everywhere in Azure, and they will there taking photos when characters slip up. Dealing with the blowback from scandalous behaviour can be even more harrowing than facing enemies in the air.

The System

Warbirds is a game for those looking for a fast paced, cinematic, action experience. For that reason Warbirds uses Outrider Studios signature Rapidfire System. It combines the elaborate settings and characters of a Role Playing Game high flying air combat. The dogfighting rules get to the heart of any air battle where there are only hunters and the hunted. When characters are not in their planes, they can explore the culture and mystery of Azure, while learning to deal with their fame and the press.

The Rapidfire system is designed to ensure that story and narrative will never be bogged down by heavy rules. It is fast, simple, efficient, and inclusive, which not only adds immediacy to the action of your story, but also makes Warbirds a fun experience for role players of all levels.


188 pages, color softcover


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