Denizens of the North

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King Harald Fairhair, the great Jarl who unified Midgard's petty kingdoms, father to many high and low born children, has died with no successor.
On the evening of his death a dreadful omen appeared in the skies above: two celestial wolves, maws outstretched swallowed the sun and
moon!  Three years later, after an endless and relentless dark winter, heroes rise to forge their legacies. The great realm of Midgard has splintered into fragments. Jarls with ambitions for the crown have sundered the landscape. Crusaders from the south have invaded the Northlands in search of
what caused this terrifying Fimbulwinter. Unearthly forces, guided by the gods and the giants have penetrated Midgard with purpose and
Enter the fiery crucible in which the only true heroes are forged!

Denizens of the North is the first full sized lore book for the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok universe. This book works in conjunction with the Core
Rulebook to add valuable details to your adventuring world.

Denizens of the North contains:

  • Legendary and infamous denizens

  • Fearsome new monsters

  • Important and majestic locales

  • Wondrous magic artifacts

This book provides game masters with added notorious denizens, fearsome monsters, important locales,
wondrous magic items, a host of new powers and skills. In addition it adds 6 new playable archetypes
and a crafting system for magical items and artifacts.



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