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Full now—yea, more than full—behold our devastation:

The frantic drum beat, and the brazen horde,

The thundering siege gun, and the blood-slick sword

Devour all diligence, and sweat, and careful preparation.

Down walls and through the town runs always fresh-spilled blood

For eighteen summers now, our river's yearly flood

Near-choked with corpses, has pushed slowly, slowly on.

     - Andreas Gryphius, Tears of the Fatherland, 1636 A.D.

Guns of War brings you all the rules you need to add the gunpowder, firearms, and artillery of the Age of Pike and Shot into your fantasy role-playing game. This century-and-a-half period was an age of war more terrible than any that had come before, as the technology of battle changed more rapidly than it had in any time in the preceding 3,500 years of human history. It was also an age of apparent anachronism made real, as plate-clad knights battled rifle-armed soldiery, field artillery fired on pikeman, and swords hung alongside pistols on the belts of cavalry.

Guns of War is designed for use with Autarch’s Domains at War (D@W) rules for military campaigns and battles. You will also need a copy of Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LOFTP), or a similar D20-based fantasy role-playing game to use this book.

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