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Pierce the darkness surrounding the German super-men! Will to Power is the first supplement for the critically acclaimed game GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946. Written by GODLIKE author Dennis Detwiller, Will to Power explores the machinations of RuSHA SA (Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt Sonderabteilung A, "Race and Resettlement Office Special Department A"), the German program to exploit and train its super-human "Übermensch" population to overcome the Allies' super-powered Talents.


Will to Power features details on the facilities and activities of RuSHA SA, an overview of the Waffen-SS and its super-human fanatics, German tactics and use of super-humans in the war, complete background and statistics for 18 of the most infamous Übermenschen in the Third Reich, and extensive new rules on aircraft combat, battle fatigue, battlefield trauma, and more.

117 pages, hardcover

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