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Wild Talents is a complete superhero roleplaying game built for fast, thrilling action and unprecedented flexibility, based on (and expanding) the critically acclaimed Godlike rules-set by Greg Stolze and Dennis Detwiller.

With its innovative rules and extensive exploration of the world of Godlike, Wild Talents offers everything you need to build thrilling superheroic worlds. Kenneth Hite's analysis of superhero campaign worlds guides you through the construction of wholly unique superhero settings, both in strange alternate futures in the world of Godlike and in incredible new worlds altogether.

Written by Dennis Detwiller, with Greg Stolze, Kenneth Hite, and Shane Ivey, and lavishly illustrated by Christopher Shy, Sam Araya and Todd Shearer, Wild Talents takes you to the brink of what we call reality and beyond. . . .

Everything you need for superpowered action! Wild Talents: The Essential Edition includes the complete roleplaying game rules for Wild Talents Second Edition: The One-Roll Engine, built for fast, thrilling, suspenseful play, and rules for superpowers that have the simplicity, flexibilty and detail to handle any setting and style of game — all at a price every gamer can love.

Digest size, paperback, 176 pages

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